01 Mar 2023

European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry

The European sawmill industry consists of about 35,000 sawmills scattered around Europe. European sawmills are chiefly microenterprises (more than 29,000) with strong connections to the rural areas and local communities where they are located. The rest of European sawmills are mainly small and medium enterprises while there are also some dozen sawmills which are large enterprises. The sawmill industry accounts for a yearly production value of over EUR 36 billion and employs about 250,000 people across Europe. Through its member federations and associated members, EOS represents both hardwood and softwood producers, manufacturing sawn boards, timber frames, glulam, decking, flooring, joinery, fencing and several other wood products. EOS represent around 80% of the total European sawn wood output.  Green and sustainable by nature, sawn products are part of the forests carbon cycle!

EOS joined Greensource for 3 main reasons:

  • While many may not connect healthy forests with selling wood, they are actually intimately connected. The Greensource should be a tool for providing reliable information to a larger audience on the key role of the forestry based industries in preserving healthy forests;
  • Sawn products backbone of the forest bioeconomy. The Greensource campaign should explain how our forestry value chain is integrated and directly contribute to a circular and sustainable forest bio-economy, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition Europe to a sustainable carbon neutral economy.
  • With the green source campaign, the European Sawmill Industry wants to encourage (or call for) European policies that balance environmental, social and economic aspects while promoting healthy and resilient forests.